Contract Customers

PostGlobal provides centralized management of all contract customers - both credit and prepaid. The features of this module include

  • Management of contract customers for different services like letters, parcels, EMS, Philately, Franking Machine

  • Configuration of discount based on mail volume or monthly invoice amount

  • Option to configure customized tariff for each customer

  • Generation of monthly invoices for all customers

  • Option to consolidate transactions from all post offices

  • Make payment at one post office for the consolidated invoice


The contract customers will be provided with a web portal using which the contract customer is able to

  • View monthly invoices and payments made

  • Enter/upload the details of the items being posted

  • Register a pickup request

  • View the status update of the items posted

  • View the signature of the addressee for items delivered


PostGlobal Brochure


Centralized payments...
A company has the facility to pay centrally for the services availed by all its branches in the country