Customer Care

The customer complaint management module has the following functionalities

  • Online registration of customer queries and complaints
  • Automatically assigning a unique ID to each complaint and generating acknowledgement to the complaint.
  • Automatically sending a reply to the complainant upon settlement of the complaint if an email address is provided, otherwise text file is generated to enable the customer care centre to print the response and dispatch it to the complainant.
  • Complainant or the customer care centre ability to check the status of the complaint.
  • Having a central database of complaints an queries is maintained and this can be accessed by managers
  • Classification of complaints based on category of service, and territory, period pending
  • Summarizing reports and reports on delays
  • Having a complaints archive and query manager service for queries on status and history of each complaint
  • Monitoring and control: Monitoring by managers at different levels and giving directions to subordinate units.
  • Sending SMS or email notifications to the customer once complaint is booked/closed



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