Electronic Money Order

Electronic Money Order system can be configured to send both domestic and international money orders. Some of the features include

  • Highly secure instant money transfer service

  • Provision to send domestic and international money orders

  • Money Order can be payable at any post office or at any post office

  • Supported by module operated from mobile phone which is integrated with electronic money order system

  • Not an isolated system but integrated with point of sale and strong room

  • Random generation of KeyID for each money order with a provision to send the key id to sender by SMS

  • Configuration of International money orders as per bilateral agreements

  • Multi-currency transaction for international money order

  • International money orders can be paid at a specific post office or at any post office in the destination country

  • International money order settlements

  • Securities include 128 bit encryption of data, registration of terminals etc.


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Secure transaction...
Mandatory registration of terminal, prescribed duty hours for authorized users, 128 bit encryption of data, automatic transaction reporting to supervisor, are some of the security measures in Money Order operations.