Management Information System

The MIS is web based application and can be accessed through company intranet or internet. This module caters to the decision-making requirements of the higher management, through

  • Generation of consolidated business reports
  • Information in the form of charts and graphs
  • Real time availability of management information from all modules, integrated into (and accessible from) one dashboard, for financial reporting and performance.
  • The ability to give monthly, quarterly and annual summaries on items (EMS/parcels) and transactions (revenue) handled at office, regional and organizational level- for monitoring.
  • The ability to make a distinction between local and international mail transactions / parcels handled by postal operations for statistical analysis such as mail dispatch and receiving volumes by product, post office, etc.


Given below are some of the reports and charts available for Country/Region/ Post Office wise

  •  Mail Transactions
  • EMS Transactions
  • Post box transactions
  • Sale of items
  • Performance report over a period of time
  • Quality of service reports
  • Statistics of international items booked to various countries which can help in arriving terminal dues.


Other reports include

  • Volume of products sold by product type per week/month
  • Retail sales by product type per week/month
  • Boxes sold, occupied, unoccupied per outlet
  • End of day/week/month reports
  • Transaction log interrogation
  • Track and trace item report
  • Postage sales data
  • EMS business data
  • Money order volumes and values
  • Philatelic sales
  • Parcel traffic (Domestic and international)



PostGlobal Brochure


Quality of Service tool...
Helps in measurement of quality of service in mail operations. Provides the percentage of items delivered in J+1, J+2, J+3 etc. on all the mail routes in the country.