Mobile Money Order

Electronic Money Order Mobile is an instant money transfer service which facilitates money transfer.   This module is tightly integrated with EMO module.  This module can be used in offices which has unstable network connectivity.  Money orders booked in EMO module can be paid using EMO Mobile module and vice versa.

  • Acceptance of domestic money orders
  • Generation of Money Transfer Number (MTN) for every electronic money order booking.
  • Intimation of MTN to the sender through SMS
  • Instant payment of money orders using MTN
  • No duplicate payment of money order
  • Audit functions include tracking every event related to a money order
  • Payment notification through SMS and e-Mail
  • Provision to set transactional limits
  • Provision to alter money orders, stop payment and to make refunds before payment.
  • User authentication
  • Mobile authentication to carry out the transaction
  • Encryption of data and messages
  • Various reports that include daily and periodical reports of electronic money orders booked, altered and paid by different users



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Serving the citizens in remote areas...
Post offices in remote areas that are not networked will be able to provide money order service to the needy with the help of simple mobile.