Point of Sale

Most important postal operations involve the customer and take place at the Post Office counter. Utmost attention is given by Posts to counter automation to enhance quality of customer service. The Point of Sale module covers all operations performed at the Post office counters.  The application provides

Acceptance of

- Domestic and international mail items including letters and parcels

- Registration, Insurance

- Express Mail Service

- Proof of Delivery

  • Integration with the weighing scales and automatically calculating the tariff depending on the delivery standard and other parameters that constitute the pricing matrix.
  • Generation of postage labels
  • Option to view the cash with an operator at any point of time.
  • Generation of Express Mail Service receipts in Universal Postal Union standard E1 format
  • Keeps complete history and logs on all transactions, with a facility to do audit trail reporting.
  • Provision to accept contract customer items
  • Supports multi-user environment.
  • Built-in, automated system work flow between modules and consequentially between departments, with integrated front-office and back office.
  • Record details of the different payment methods
  • Strong room options to transfer cash, stamps and stationeries to counter and other offices.
  • Provision to configure restricted items
  • Replication of data ensures 0% down time in case of data corruption or server crash.
  • Reconciliation of cash, stamps and stationeries at the end of day
  • Automatic preparation of operator summary and office summary
  • Provision to incorporate agency and franchise transaction summary for calculation of commission
  • Various kinds of reports that include user wise, counter wise, office wise reports.
  • Preparation of office cash account
  • Multiple levels (User, Supervisor, and Audit) of security access to product sales and other system functionality.
  • Bulk booking of un-registered items
  • Batch booking of registered items for contract customers
  • Printing delivery note for the postal consignment




PostGlobal Brochure

Decide after comparing the tariff...
'Dash Board' available in Point of Sale allows the customer to compare the tariff payable for different services offered to arrive at right decision.  This handy tool helps the operator to find the tariff related to various services in a flash