Mail Processing & Track and Trace

The Mail processing application will cover all the functions for handling of postal items that require accounting or tracking, such as EMS, Parcel, Registered/Insured etc. offered by postal operator.  The application can be used for receiving items, bagging shipments, dispatching shipments, receiving shipments at destination and delivery of shipments. The application facilitates tracking a shipment from acceptance through delivery. Customer will be able to track the consignment on the web using 'Web Tracker'.  Besides, PostGlobal seamlessly exchanges data with International Postal system (IPS).

The features include

  • EMS enquiry
  • Register enquiry
  • Parcel and packets enquiry
  • Acceptance of items booked at post office counters for dispatch
  • Transfer of items across branches
  • Preparing bags for dispatches
  • Including items in bags
  • Closing the bags
  • Dispatching the closed bags
  • Receipt of bags from other offices
  • Provision to generate intimation slips for the addressee
  • Generating delivery slips for the postmen/courier boys
  • Provision to deliver items through courier boys/postmen or through post office counters
  • Provision to enter delivery information as well as non-delivery information in line with IPS.
  • SMS and email notification to addressee when received at destination post office and to sender once the item is delivered to addressee  


PostGlobal MobilExpress module, which runs on smart devices, is a must for postal operator looking to modernize its delivery process especially of express mail. Postmen carry this device while going on beat to deliver the express items and the pick-up boys use it for collecting items from customers' premises. This module provides following functionalities

  • Shipment Acceptance
  • Capturing delivery information of an item
  • Capturing addressee's signature on the mobile device screen while delivering the item
  • Capturing non-delivery information
  • Scanning bags and big parcels which cannot be brought near to the system
  • Synchronization of information with PostGlobal Point of Sale and Track and Trace modules
  • Data exporting to PostGlobal Point of Sale and Track and Trace modules.



PostGlobal Brochure

Quality of Service tool...
Helps in measurement of quality of service in mail operations. Provides the percentage of items delivered in J+1, J+2, J+3 etc. on all the mail routes in the country.