Electronic Bill Payments

The electronic bill payment module has extensive functionality that can be configured to provide the following citizen services: The list is not exhaustive.  It has both collections and disbursement functionalities.  The bill payment module can be used for

  • Acceptance of utility bill payments
    • Power bills
    • Water bills
    • Telephone bills etc.
  • Collection of taxes and fines
  • Acceptance of application for passports
  • Collection of examination fees etc.


This module can also be configured for disbursement of

  • Dividends on behalf of companies
  • Pensions
  • Salaries
  • Social security benefits etc.


Salient features also include

  • Facility to upload consumer data from a single point
  • Ability to automatically/ dynamically calculate balances, agency fees and post offices commissions;
  • Ability for agency data to be synchronized/ expected and imported to and from 3rd party repositories/ interface databases;
  • Ability to scan/ input/ call-up 3rd party bills information;
  • A report showing balances due to other parties and to the postal operator.
  • Ability to add additional 3rd party services using built-in tools and templates without having to go through hard-coded customization each time an agency service is brought on board



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