PostGlobal - Retail Post Office Solution

PostGlobal is one-stop solution for Post office counter automation. Built by a team of Post Office and software professionals, this state-of-the-art application outperforms all other Postal Software.

PostGlobal is a robust, highly scalable and a proven technology that is providing modern, intuitive and cost-effective solution to post offices. PostGlobal is designed to allow post offices to quickly reach market, generally within 3 months of our agreement with a comprehensive POS solution. Its user-friendly interface, stability, maturity and flexibility make it your choice for postal automation.. 

Features of PostGlobal:

  • Cloud Based, no need to invest in servers (unless you want to)
  • End to end software solution for post office
  • Hardware independent and works with industry standard computers and peripherals including printers, scanners, weighing scales, customer display units, keyboards and cubiscans
  • Works in centralized mode
  • Works with industry standard RDBMS like MS SQL Server
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Modular, turn on what you need or want to make available
  • System is user managed, with simple administration menus
  • Interfaces with International Postal System (IPS) provided by Universal Postal Union (UPU) and seamlessly exchanges data with IPS
  • Implement KPIs with tools to measure quality of service between domestic or international cities
  • Consolidation of cash/cheque collections of operators, post offices, and other administrative units, from all different services offered at post offices
  • Tools to integrate with 3rd party solutions like ERP, accounting solutions etc. using web services and files
  • Templates for adding new companies on whose behalf post office offers Bill collections and disbursements without the assistance of the software vendor
  • Mobile application to facilitate acceptance and delivery
  • Customer Portal for Contract customer to view his monthly bills, to book request for pick up, tracking of shipments etc.
  • Virtual Post Office for customers to pre-book shipments, online reservation/renewal of post boxes, redirect mail, online Money transfer, register a complaint etc.
  • Send notifications through email and SMS for events such as delivery of express mail, post box renewals, payment of money orders etc.
  • Extensive Management Information System in the form of trend reports, graphs, charts etc. which help the management in decision making, accessible through Internet or company intranet




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