Overview of PostGlobal

PostGlobal is one-stop solution for Post office counter automation. Built by a team of top-order software professionals and domain experts, this state-of-the-art application outperforms all other products in this niche area.

It is a robust, highly scalable and proven technology. PostGlobal aims at providing modern, cost effective and affordable technology to post offices. Our clients will vouch for our impeccable record in providing support and upgrades. 

PostGlobal is designed to allow post offices to quickly reach market with new and innovative products.  Its user friendly interface, stability, maturity and flexibility make it your choice for postal automation.  It will be a fully tailored product for the post office.

Some of the salient features of PostGlobal are given below:

  • Complete software solution for post office
  • Hardware independent and works with industry standard computers and peripherals like printers, scanners, weighing scales, customer display units
  • Works in centralized and store and forward modes.
  • Works with industry standard RDBMS like Oracle and SQL Server
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Modular
  • Interface with International Postal System (IPS) provided by Universal Postal Union (UPU) and seamlessly exchanges data with IPS
  • Tools to measure quality of service between domestic or international cities
  • Consolidation of cash/cheque collections of operators, post offices, and other administrative units, from all different services offered at post offices.
  • Tools to integrate with 3rd party solutions like ERP, accounting solutions etc. using web services and files.
  • Templates for adding new companies on whose behalf post office offers Bill collections and disbursements without the assistance of the vendor
  • Mobile application to facilitate acceptance and delivery
  • Custmor Portal which helps the customer to view his monthly bills, online reservation of post boxes, to book request for pick up, tracking of shipments.
  • Facility to send notifications through email and SMS for events such as delivery of express mail, post box renewals, payment of money orders etc.
  • Exhaustive Management Information System in the form of trend reports, graphs, charts etc. which help the management in decision making, accessible through Internet or company intranet.




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