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PostGlobal Implementation in Tanzania Posts Corporation

Tanzania Posts Corporation (TPC) was established in 1994, after its split from Tanzania Postal and Telecommunications department, to provide a national postal service within the republic, and a link between Tanzania and the world. TPC offers letter and parcel mailing, Money Order, Express Mail Service, PostGiro and Internet cafe services. It is a one-stop shopping venue for availing all Postal Services.

With the growing opportunities in money transfer as well as Express Mail Service, Tanzania Posts Corporation has decided to capitalize by implementing cutting edge technology solutions. A crucial facet of this plan was the technology-led re-engineering of the operational efficiencies.

After a grueling partner-identification process that saw the participation and evaluation of several leading solution vendors, Tanzania Posts Corporation announced its decision to journey through the global technology-focused business transformation program, ably partnered by PostGlobal solution. A cohesive technology platform to support rapid product introduction, orchestrated operations, increased scalability and true flexibility across operations, driving down costs and governance hassles, was key to the Tanzania Posts Corporation´┐Żs transformation strategy and PostGlobal assured Tanzania Posts Corporation of all this and more.

The implementation of PostGlobal solution focused on enabling Tanzania Posts Corporation with a robust technology platform in automating the services offered. The various PostGlobal modules like Point of Sale, Electronic Money Order, Track and Trace and Electronic Bill Payments were installed in different Post Offices to automate the operations and transact business. On a daily basis, the transaction data from various post offices get consolidated at the central server for enabling Management Information System.

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Tanzania Posts Corporation


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